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If you are new to the village then this Welcome Pack gives you lots of interesting details about the village, and contains useful information and contacts. Welcome Pack Merton 2022

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Emergency Plan

  • The Parish Council have developed an Emergency Plan for the village. In an emergency, the village may need to rely on our own resources to ensure we are able to cope and to minimise the impact of an emergency.This form of community emergency planning enables the village to provide more effective support. It also provides information to responding agencies (emergency services, local authority etc.) in coordinating the response on a wider scale.Merton’s community emergency plan is designed to achieve the following:
    Identification of safe places to use as a refuge for people displaced from their homes in the short term (hours) and how to open them at short notice at any time.
    Identification of people that can and are willing to help in an emergency.
    Identification of equipment that might be useful for self-help in an emergency.
    Identification of vulnerable or potentially vulnerable people in the community.
    A list of useful contacts for use in a crisis.

Community Emergency Plan 2021