Woodland Paths & Rides

Merton Village public paths and rides

Merton Wood is one of our most valuable local amenities – a wildlife haven, an increasingly beautiful woodland as it develops and matures, and a space for recreation. It’s there to be enjoyed by everyone – walkers, families with children, dog owners and horse riders. To maximise its value and enjoyment potential, there are a few guidelines that we’d ask all users to respect:

Horses can be frightened by loose dogs, leading to injuries not only to riders, but also to dogs if a horse kicks out. Owners are therefore asked to keep their dogs on a lead when walking on the bridleway. Walkers should be aware that they may lose their footing on churned-up ground and hoofprints.

No horses should be ridden on these routes. This is particularly for the benefit of people recovering from injuries, older walkers, young children, and families with push-chairs, to ensure that the ground does not get too uneven, muddy and churned up. Dogs may be allowed off a lead, except during the spring when ground-nesting birds can be disturbed.