Merton Woodland

It’s our woodland – it belongs to all of us, not the Parish Council. And while the Parish Council is responsible for looking after it, there are ways in which we all can help. A few weeks ago, signs of Ash die-back (chalara) were spotted. After taking advice from the Forestry Commission and Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust (BBOWT), we’re developing a long-term management plan for the woodland, and need to assemble a group of local volunteers willing to come and help with periodic maintenance tasks. Jobs include hedge-laying, coppicing and gathering up and moving cut materials. Or bringing flasks of tea and tins of cake or biscuits to keep everyone going. At the start, we’ll be getting help and advice from experienced woodland volunteers, so we can eventually be self-sufficient in looking after our wood. It may also be possible in the longer term for the cutting-back and other maintenance work to provide us with a source of firewood.The team has started work in the Woodland and meets every other Sunday morning, why not come along and join in – it’s a great way to socialise with other villagers, get some fresh air and as it can be fairly physical it can be a great way to increase your fitness!So if you might be interested, please contact either Titch Leaver or Fred Foxon

Woodland Management Plan

The Parish Council has recently developed a management plan for the woodland, which will be kept updated. You can access the plan here merton-wood-management-plantrees-and-moon conker dried-stuff